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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Shedding Fat Without Exercise!

Food & Diet Tips:

1. Eat more protein

A significant portion of the calories in every gram of protein are burned off during digestion and absorption. On the other hand, over 90% of carbohydrate calories are absorbed. It’s protein for the win!

2. Nibble on dill pickles

They have one calorie for every slice and can help to get you from meal to meal.

3. Downsize your dinner plate

Furthermore, purchase littler ones. That way, regardless of the possibility that you fill your plate to limit, you’re at last eating not exactly what you would likely heap on your current platters.

4. Cut carbs

Yes, you’ve heard it a zillion times. The reason: It works. In only one of numerous late studies, a Journal of Nutrition report found that ladies who lessened their carb admission to only 8% of their day by day calories lost seven pounds of fat and increased two pounds of muscle in six weeks.

5. Fiber for the win!

If you are going to consume carbs, make sure you’re going high fiber. Fiber is processed by the body first during digestion and whilst the fiber is being processed and broken down, a portion of your fat intake in the same meal will pass through the body unabsorbed.

6. Top your plate of mixed greens with vinaigrette dressing

Acidic foods, for example, vinegar and lemon juice work like lighter liquid in your muscle to fat ratio ratios’ incinerator, expanding carb burning 20%-40%. Matured nourishments like pickles and yogurt are additionally great acrid choices.

7. Avoid fasting

Your body has a survival mechanism to ensure that it doesn’t expend more calories than it takes in, which kicks in during times of prolonged energy decline (or a cease of calorie intake over a period of time). When calories become non-existent or inconsistent short supply, the body lowers it’s metabolism to increase the duration of the existing energy stores (fat).

This lowered metabolism can remain in place for quite some time, so future fat burning and weight loss is inhibited. After fasting, when you finally eat your next meal, the body will store the majority of the energy content within that meal just in case another “famine” is around the corner. Not good for fat loss!

8. No potatoes

In any form – mashed, baked or french fries – are no good for fat burning. Potatoes cause an insulin spike in the blood, which causes reduced fat burning. Stay away from potatoes.

9. Consume water prior to eating

Having a glass of water immediately prior to eating (and between meals) works fantastically well for helping you to feel full quick as the water takes up space in your stomach.

10. Call for a substitution

Whenever choosing a meal at a restaurant, or when preparing at home, substitute pasta, rice and potatoes for some wholesome vegetables instead. You’ll feel just as full afterward, but having consumed far less carbohydrates in the meal.

11. Take a time-out

Rather than eating a full plate of food without a break, try eating half your plate and then waiting 20 minutes before eating the remainder. It takes a few minutes for your stomach to receive food and tall your brain that it’s feeling full and sometimes half a plate is all you actually need!

12. It’s ok to cheat

Nearly every successful bodybuilder (you know those Facebook posers with hardly a slither of fat on their body? Yeah, them) allows themselves a cheat meal. But only one. If you eat well 85% of the time, the 5% of the time will not matter. A cheat meal is a great little reward for effort and gives you something to look forward to if you struggle to put “regular food” out of your mind for long periods of time.

13. If you’re gonna eat bread, avoid the white stuff

White bread is just full of energy and empty calories. If you absolutely must have bread, go for grainy bread as a far higher portion of grainier breads will pass through your body without adding to your stored energy (fat) supplies.

14. Change up your eating routine

Mix up your eating regime. There is a school of thought that mixing up the volume and timing of meals from day to day can “keep your body guessing” and fire up the metabolism. Might sound a little wacky, but every individual’s body reacts differently. So why not try mixing up meal quantities and timing over the next couple weeks and see how your body responds to a change?

15. Eat consistently

Research from Harvard and Boston’s Children’s Hospital has shown that individuals who eat breakfast carry significantly less body fat than those that do not. A meal in the morning is said to help manage insulin and hunger levels, which prevents your from gorging on food during the day due to hunger.

16. Stay away from packaged foods

Eating food that is in as close to it’s natural forms is the best way to go. Packaged foods contain higher levels of preservatives and empty calories. They’re processed. Natural food on the other hand, contains all the natural goodness, and often a lower calorie count than packaged options.

17. It’s ok to snack

Snacking in between meals keeps your digestive system stirred and firing, in a consistent energy burning state. Burn baby, burn!

Lifestyle Tips:

18. Do the gardening

View any kind of physical movement—even those you attempt to stay away from, for example, weeding the garden—as an opportunity to blaze fat and condition your body. Every little bit of incidental exercise helps!

19. Rent inspiration

Source external motivators, such as inspirational movies to get you in the right mindset to work out. Rocky anyone?

20. Try not to be a couch potato

Get up on your feet! Head outside or go play some sport with your partner or children. Even trading 30 minutes of television watching 2-3 times per week will have a dramatic fat burning effect over a a period of months.

21. Join a club

Getting active with a regular sport is a fantastic way to get fit, whilst having fun. You’ll often hardly even realize you’re exercising, but your body will certainly be aware!

22. Brush your teeth all the more frequently

We’re not 100% sure of this one, but hey, even if it doesn’t work, you’re still going to have lovely fresh breath and shiny white teeth! Apparently a Japanese experiment of 14,000 individuals found that individuals who brushed their teeth regularly were leaner than those that did not. Sounds like it’s probably just a case of the teeth brushers having a basic level of self-awareness and respect, however giving the teeth a scrub twice per day can’t be a bad thing, right?

23. Don’t drink your calories

There are zero calories in water, dozens of empty calories in a small glass of fruit juice, well over 100 calories in a glass of soft drink. Consuming calories in drink is a killer for weight loss. Just stick to water and if you need a hint of taste, squeeze some lemon juice into your glass of water.

24. Motivate yourself visually

Most of us have got photos of ourselves from a few years ago that remind us of the good old days. The slim ones, perhaps the slightly or youthful looking days. Facebook is a great resource for finding these hidden motivational gems. Find a picture where you look smashing, print it out and then stick it everywhere you can think of. On your computer screen, your mirror, your car sub visor, in your walletand more. The constant visual reminder will keep your eye, (or mind) on the prize!

25. Eat before you shop

Shopping whilst you are hungry is an almost-certain way to ensure that you buy something you’re going to regret later. Have a nice, healthy meal before going shopping to be sure that you are buying items with you mind and not your belly!


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