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8 Reasons You Feel Bloated And How To Fix

A bloated stomach is a common condition and we’ve got tips and tricks including lots of homemade remedies that really do work. You will love all the helpful information.

We have all experienced Bloating at some point in our life. You may even have these uncomfortable symptoms now. Certain things can swell you up and trigger this condition.

There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. You may be allergic or intolerant to certain foods and Constipation and Diarrhoea can also contribute. Females may also experience this prior to and during their menstrual cycles.

A great place to start is by looking at some of the common causes that you may be feeling bloated. You may not have even considered them.

This infographic from The Hearty Soul shows that food intolerance and allergies could be a major player and even irregular meal times can contribute.

via1800 Remedies

According to 1800 Remedies, the most common cause of bloating is the bodies inability to correctly digest foods. One of the best ways to help your food digest properly is to drink plenty of water. This flushes through your system. Try doing this before and after meals. Other causes of bloating are as follows.

  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Intolerance To Dairy Products Or Other Food Items
  • Eating Too Fast
  • Weight Gain
  • Overgrowth Of Bacteria In The Small Bowel
  • Indigestion
  • Excessive Dairy Consumption
  • Water Retention

How To Fix Bloating With Dr Eric Berg

We have included this video from Dr Eric Berg that explains all the causes associated with bloating and how he recommends that you can fix it fast. Click Play above to watch now ^


Bloating is a very common condition with both male and female across all age groups. This symptoms chart from Dr Axe shows some of the signs to look out for.

Hives, rashes, itchy skin, watery eyes, brain fog and trouble concentrating may all be signals.

ReportDr Axe has put together the bloated stomach diet and this is something that you can follow easily. He suggests Probiotics and Raw Dairy as opposed to conventional dairy foods. Aged raw cheese, kefir and yogurt are all good choices.

Water rich fruit and greens will also be a huge help. Make sure to stock up on leafy greens, steamed and fermented vegetables and herbs, spices and teas are all excellent choices.


This infographic from 1800 Remedies is a good reference and again outlines the foods that you should be moving towards.

Spinach, cabbage, parsley, ginger, avocado, bananas, cranberries are just some that make the list.



via Sweet Additions

Ways To Lose The Bloat

When there is no medical cause behind the bloating, some simple tips can relieve the problem or even stop it occurring in the first place. Here’s what our experts suggest can offer relief.

  • Maintain A Regular Diet With Moderate Amounts Of Healthy Foods. 
  • Try Yoga. Certain Poses Can Help With Digestion And Improve Bloating.
  • Cut Back On Your Alcohol Intake And Don’t Replace Your Champagne With Fizzy Water, Stick To Still Water.
  • Switch Your Fibers. Try Rye Or Spelt Bread Rather Than White Bread And Avoid Gas-Producing Foods Such As Beans.


via Kristin McGee
  • Stress Less As It Can Disrupt The Muscular Contractions That Move Gas Through Your Stomach.
  • Skip Fat And Caffeine As They Are The Two Biggest Triggers For Bloating
  • Go For A Walk Or A Run This Can Help Move The Gasses Through Your System And Ease The Pain.
  • Limit The Sugar In Your Diet, Especially From Fruits And Fruit Juices. They Form More Gas When They Ferment And Cause Bloating.
  • Use A Ball. Rubbing A Ball Over Your Abdomen Can Help The Gas Move Through The Small Intestine.

Celery Smoothie Bloat BusterReport Celery is full of Potassium and Sodium and helps you reduce excess fluids so you feel less bloated. It’s also full of fiber so you won’t be tempted to nibble between meals. This Celery Shot Recipe from Driven2Divide has a gentle diuretic effect which quickly normalizes fluids without leaving you dehydrated.

Celery Shot Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 Cup Of Spinach
  • 1 Small Apple
  • 1 Stalk Of Celery
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 1/2 Cup Of Berries
  • 1/2 Cup Of Water
  • Ice

Place all ingredients in your blender and blitz until smooth. It tastes good and will help to break the sugar cycle!

Bloat Buster SmoothieReport

via rawforbeauty

One of the great benefits of juicing is that it’s easy to digest and so your body absorbs many more nutrients faster. It’s also a brilliant way to assist your liver to detox.


The above recipe from Jenna Drew uses Essential Oils. This according to Jenna assists with de-bloating. Here’s what she says to do. Combine 20 drops Lemon, 20 Drops Peppermint, 20 Drops Rosemary. Pop it in a roll on bottle and use as required.


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