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Halloween Cocktails

Tasty And Spooky Halloween Cocktails You Must Try

Don’t be afraid, these drinks only look scary! They taste amazing!

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - The Crypt Keeper Cocktail

The Crypt Keeper Cocktail

Who Needs a Cape

This spooky cocktail only takes 3 ingredients and is super easy to make. Plus, how can you not have a blast with a drink like this in your hand. Rim your glass with Halloween sprinkles and enjoy the sweetness every sip of the way.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Phantom Potion

Phantom Potion

Snacks and Sips

This bright green drink is made from vodka, Triple Sec and Kool-Aid! It adds life to any party, and if you have a couple, you are sure to get nice and drunk. Add a creepy spider to make it even more frightening.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Toxic Spawn Martini

Toxic Spawn Martini

Mom Foodie

It has Kinky Green Liquor, so if you drink it you will probably feel a little kinky yourself! This cocktail is so easy to make and looks fabulous in a martini glass.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Witch's Brew Shimmering Cocktail

Shimmering, Magical, Witches Brew Cocktail


A couple drinks of this you will feel like you are shimmering and can do anything. Add some dry ice and things are going to get exciting.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Bloody Eyeball Cocktail

Bloody Eyeball Cocktail

Ann’s Entitled Life

This drink has Candy Corn Vodka, a large marshmallow, marshmallow creme, a candy eye, and food coloring. What can be any more delicious than that! I mean it has a marshmallow after all.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Bloody Colada Recipe

Bloody Colada Recipe

Tammilee Tips

Only 3 ingredients to make this Spooky Halloween cocktail! And let me tell you, it is for sure spooky. Perfect for your next Halloween themed party.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Demon Juice Cocktail

Demon Juice Cocktail

Crayons and Cravings

Sour apple is the star of the show in this tangy cocktail. The color just screams Halloween! You are sure to have a good time drinking this one.

Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipe - Slippery Zombie Brains

Slippery Zombie Brains

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